30 Days (to pay the rent)

by Psycho Mad Sally

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Recorded In 2010
Drums recorded By Soren Truhlar inToronto Ontario

Guitars, bass, violin and vocals recorded By Andrei Sin

Mixed By Xandir


released June 1, 2011

Produced By Psycho Mad Sally
Mixed And master by Xandir

Cover Design By:Shane Neptune
Picture By Payman Solehi



all rights reserved


Psycho Mad Sally Toronto, Ontario

Described by Jason Daniel Baker writer for Uber Rock as Siouxsie Sioux meets Motorhead, Canadian band Psycho Mad Sally fuses the rock guitar of Romanian axeman Andrei Sin with the vocals of Russian energy spitfire Sasha Nevskaya. Backed drummer Andrew CK, bassist Max Morin and violinist Dan , P.M.S. is a truly unique band, incorporating elements of gypsy music, punk and of course,heavy metal ... more

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Track Name: Anarchia
you were all alone when the worst hit you
world is like a whore - dirty drinking bitch
ships are sailing through - you don't have a clue
do what you've got to - we still believe in you

sometimes it happens
more often than it should
sometimes it senseless
sometimes it's too much shit
sometimes it's red light
you just gotta wait

you think it's one way, or that's a highway
there is no difference to grass on both ends
mama anarchia, papa shot of vodka
mama anarchia, papa shot of vodka
Track Name: Over
I see your smile
I feel my pain
Clock says it’s gone now
Everything‘s done
And I got lost into my bathroom
Wetness is crazy
World full of colour

Sometime I wish I had more windows
Sometimes I wish you didn't happen
But i drink this night till my eyes are empty
I drink this night making a new sunrise

There is too much rain in the window
My world were falling
On your storming sky
Come see me smile now, Cause I have no pain now
I have no pain now
I killed my heart

Sometime I wish I had more windows
Sometimes I wish you didn't happen
But i drink this night till my eyes are empty
I drink this night making a new sunrise
Track Name: Ash In My Whiskey
table was round like the cage of the lost
my thought were spinning over the past -
i've had too many lives that i doubt
dead on my edges too many times

the price for your cross
isn't enough
cowards aren't those
falling down
cowards are those
holding on to a rope

i dropped an ash in my whiskey
and it tasted alright
i had smokes in my pocket
and it wasn't that bad

day by day every hour's killed away
how much one man can waste in vain?
when i will burn my bridge down to ash
new day will change the colour of my heart
Track Name: Lovedrunk
You have the key
But I can't find the door
I've been sleeping on the floor

I like to have
This pussycat intact
But at the table
Only dogs and little time


Broken dishes
Unwanted hopes
All of those cats
Have been caught

Run around naked
Forget the chase
Stay up late
There's no time to waste

I’m good looking
You know all the tunes
Let's meet at midnight
And tango for two
Track Name: Black and Red
there was a vision on a white wall
and it was black and red
you saw your face reflecting
all your unspoken words
all your exploding lies
all your unwanted grins
you saw your face reflecting
in colours black and red

in wine there is more blood than truth
in you there are more wasted nights
in love there is more pain than lust
but at the end it's just a wine
your darkening thoughts your disturbed mind
your burnt to ash remaining lie
a trailer park
you used to call
your life

dead child of the future,
drowning in black and red -
all that is left was spread
on empty broken plate
your bread - it tastes like nothing
like everything you haven't done
like broken piece of paper
like fucked up little thoughts
Track Name: Mama's Teachings
My mistakes are here to stay
No one cares for barefoot saint
All your dues you got to pay
All the love that’s in your hate

If you're in you’ll find a way
If your here, you’re there to stay
It's dropping now it's coming down
Like to say it is your ground

Time is not enough to lie
Lot of heart is just not enough
Backstreet crime as lost resort
Your believes are just your choice