How II Survive

by Psycho Mad Sally

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Recorded In the 2012 at TRH Music Group in Scarborough with Sean Gregory


released April 18, 2013

Recorded By Sean Gregory at
TRH music Group in Scarborough Ontario, CANADA

Produced By Andrei Sin and Sean Gregory

Music by Andrei Sin
Except 4(Tennessee) and 7(Detox) by Shane Neptune and Andrei Sin
And 3 by Sasha Nevskaya and Andrei Sin

All Lyrics by Sasha Nevskaya

© 2013 Psycho Mad Sally

Performed by

Sasha Nevskaya- Lead Vocals
Andrei Sin- Guitar & backup Vocals
Andrzej Stopyra - Violin and Backup vocals

Pierluigi Laurano- bass ( Marion Sims and Danger Danger)
Shane Neptune - bass ( Detox,Tennessee, My Case, World F. T.K.)
Steve Rot -Bass (Johnny's Symptom)
Sean Gregory -Bass (Silencium GAG)

Kez Ziemski( Detox, Tennessee , World F.T.K.)
Marc Herscovitch( My Case , Silencium GAG )

So Kemumaki (Danger Danger, Marion Sims)
Dan Vegas (Johnny's Symptom)

Jennifer Melvin- 2nd violin on Johnny Symptom

Alex UA and Manny Gonzales - Cover Photography



all rights reserved


Psycho Mad Sally Toronto, Ontario

Described by Jason Daniel Baker writer for Uber Rock as Siouxsie Sioux meets Motorhead, Canadian band Psycho Mad Sally fuses the rock guitar of Romanian axeman Andrei Sin with the vocals of Russian energy spitfire Sasha Nevskaya. Backed drummer Andrew CK, bassist Max Morin and violinist Dan , P.M.S. is a truly unique band, incorporating elements of gypsy music, punk and of course,heavy metal ... more

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Track Name: Marion Sims
We’ll cut them a little bit longer
We’ll make sure they know whom we are
They’ll never forget their children
Split up and open aware of the pain
Born Into this and born into hell
Howling and screaming and begging for death
Sooner or later they will accept
Sooner or later frozen in pain

For all the best of us
Is never good enough

Story goes deep and story goes far
You hate it so much that you want to fuck
There is no hope authority died,
Flowers forever on brutalized ground
When the government paid for my nightmares
I wasn’t so sure anymore
That I can follow your leaders
And pray the name of your lord

Paralyzed /blacking out/ want to kill/ want to die
Paralyzed /blacking out/Want to die /want to live
Track Name: My Case
It's so dark in here, it’s hurting my eyes
There is no one near, and I lost my mind
And this beast, it’s eating my heart
My faith is ruin, and I had enough

I'm falling backwards,
A million years
It took only a crowd
And it made a whole man(x2)

For crowd is filled with gods
And man is filled with pain

Faster and faster
My hands each other
I fight to survive
For the prize is not the gold

The prize is my blood
But I still can see light
My case isn't done yet

I'm falling backwards,
A million years
It took only a crowd
And it made a whole man(x2)

For crowd is filled with gods
And man is filled with pain
Track Name: World Fits The Kitchen
Let me go _ you’re not right
I cannot live slow
You won’t change your mind
We speak of courage
But you are too ugly
You are too ugly and I am at rage
My mind is bleeding
And you do not see it
You won’t get out
And I will get drunk and
Run through my walls
Run through my thoughts
Run through my darkness
Run through my hell
Let me go- leave me alone
I’m at the top of the falling
I don’t want to be here
I don’t want to see you
I want to get out
I want to fall down
Track Name: Tennessee
Release your thoughts your mind ain't free
This girl next door keeps calling in
You taste your tears but you can't feel
The night brings fear you disappear

The window is open the wind blows in
I know you’re broken but don’t give in
This girl next door she promised that
Tomorrow will be fine
But night is hard you're hiding out
And you don’t know when you'll be back
Track Name: Danger Danger
The world has gone too long to flat
To lie there's nothing but a lie
We want a scandal- the night is right
They think that we have lost our minds

We're just another stranger
Looking for a place
We only ask for danger
And nothing else

The world has gone too long to flat
We'll spit the preacher, then will lough
We really thought to prove them right
But all wrong things have gone to wild
Track Name: Detox
He was just a street boy
He never had enough
Chasing down few thousand seconds
He pawned away his life

You don’t want it(x3)

Pick your bones up form a corner
Never look behind
Don't forget what streets have thought you
Then you'll have a fucking laugh
Track Name: Johnny's Symptom
Johnny smith was a bitter man
He never left tips at the bar
He often said (--------------------)
His only t-shirt said pussy galore
One day there was a knock on Johnny’s door
And Johnny Smith was taken away

Johnny smith did not have a reason
He only wanted to have just a drink
He only wanted to have just a second
And your green lawn he never pissed on
They've taken Johnny smith to a house
With plastic chairs and classical music
They've taken Johnny Smith to a house
Without booze whores or sunrise
Oh Johnny boy
You always thought that things have started
Oh Johnny boy
When they said that you had enough

They talked to him nicely and slow
But Johnny just sat there and thought
Maybe he shouldn't have written
And piss on your wall